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Jon Bluming Europe and World Board

International Kyokushin Budokai, Jon Bluming Europe - World Board

The following members are in the committee for special affairs and are also special advisors for the IBK.NL and to Kaicho. 

Hanshi,s and Dai Shihans:

  • Marc Howes - Scotland
  • Tom Madsen - Germany
  •                       - France
  • Jan de Bruin - Holland
  • Mladen Sancic - Croatie

  •                         - Spain

For other information Bert Ruhe Netherlands:


Jon Bluming Kaicho

Kyokushin Budokai grading system

Klick on the url: Kyokushin_Budokai_grading_system.pdf


Since the turmoil started in Feb. 2012 with the resignation of former Kancho Henk Kuipers was I in shock and disbelieve.
Now it starting to come together again and I feel happy again. The International Budokai Kan from Jon Bluming came out even stronger and the loyalty to me was overwhelming and from the bottom of my Budo heart, I thank you all.

There is a kind of rumor that I don’t like or even hate Henk Kuipers? Noting is less true!
I thank Henk for all the terrific work he has done in the first 4 years for the Budokai for that was a lot of work and he did it with love.
What happened after that is a few events nobody would have thought possible. First he lost almost everything to a dispute with the Dutch tax people and then he told me that he was in trouble with a motor club in Amsterdam and joined after that the opponents of that motor club the Satudarah. So he got more trouble than a normal man can take.

After a TV debate with him in full attire of the Satudarah and full in view everybody knew what was happening.
Henk resigned and told me he was making his own thing. Everybody must do what he wants to do of course in a legal way. So I wish Henk a long and happy life and again thanks for the great help before.

I was supposed to write the rest of the history of the IBK, Jon Bluming the Kyokushin Budokaikan.
But I won’t for it is water under the bridge and not important. Just read what is written before under history at both websites and you will understand why I founded the Kyokushin Budokai kan.
After 32 years it has become real mature and everyone involved should and must work together with other organizations to have pleasure and fun with Budo and I am sure that you will get as much a happy Budo life as I have had for it gave me a purpose in life some with downs and mostly ups and I love my Budoka who are always helping me.

 Now that I am close to getting 80 years of age I look back at a terrific life with highlights the three and a half years in Japan at the top. Lately I think much about that time and I really miss my teachers and advisors like Don Dreager, Oyama, Kenji Kurosaki, Ichitaro Kuroda, Daigo, Osawa, Big Suk, Choi In do, Isao Inokuma and realize also what a lucky sob I am having all those fabulous teachers who gave me my Budo life. I terribly miss them.

My family ... work together teach each other, make championships and summer camps and winter camps don’t wait for anybody else.

We will as long as I live, not have again a structure like a Kancho or Fuku Kancho, ect, ect, prestige names who walk with their thumbs in their belt and their fat belly forwards from those you usually don’t learn anything but visit each other with events made by you all.

Instead we will make 3 different sections:

1 for Kyokushin full contact
1 for Kyokushin Budokai MMA
1 for Kickboxing

We keep you informed, love you all,

Bear hug, osu,

Kaicho Jon Bluming, IBK

Letter to Kaicho from Marc Howes, Scotland

Osu my Kaicho,
First, if I be so bold, please go not apologise for having a good heart and listening to those that you trusted. When an organisation grows as large as the IBK, it is almost impossible for a single person to understand ALL aspects of it. Therefore, you require the help and guidance of those that you place in positions of power and trust. I have working for many years in the social care industry, have post-graduate qualifications in Education, I am a trained counselor (crisis management and aggression management) and have done more courses on human behaviour than I can shake a stick at, AND I STILL FUCK UP WITH PEOPLE! That's why people are the biggest variable in any equation. 
But your 'gut' told you that something wasn't right, it was those many years of dealing with people that made your 'inner radar' light up. As you said, it is impossible NOT to make mistakes. But during these difficult times, take heart from those of us that will NEVER leave you, that value you as our Kaicho, our mentor and as a remarkable human being. We all feel that you should not be having to deal with this at nearly 80 and I know, without speaking to these other men, that it breaks our hearts that it is happening. But we will emerge from this stronger and with a greater sense of purpose. We will adapt and overcome! OSU!
In Budo,
Your friend and student,
Marc Howes - Daishihan Scotland

Kaicho technical advisor AJJIF

Dear Kaicho Jon Bluming,

For your Lifetime work and achievements in martial arts,
you have been nominated by All Japan Ju-Jitsu International Federation Governing Body
to receive the Honorary Life Membership.

All Japan Ju-Jitsu International Federation is a Non-Profit Sports - Educational Organization ( with membership over 70 countries ).
With the Mission of Preserving Traditional Japanese Budo.

Dear Kaicho Jon Bluming please accept this Honorary Life Membership
and it is free and there is no obligations.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

With great respect,

Kunin Sensei




mail from Jimmy Bregman 9th dan IBK and USA Judo Association


I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and a Happy New Year.

I'm reading a very interesting book which I would like to recommend to you.  A Slow Boat to Yokohama-A Judo Odyssey by Syd Hoare, Hachidan, from England.

Syd was a training partner with Jon, Bill Backus, and me while we where in Japan.  It brings back memories..some good and some sad..of very dedicated martial artists struggling to become the best technicians we could be, while living in a "foreign land" trying to make some money for our next meal.  To say it was hard doesn't even come close to describing the training we went through AND the struggles to survive.

Syd, thanks so much for the friendship and for the memories.  Thanks for being there every morning, afternoon, and evening keeping me going and moving in the right direction. Hayward Nishioka coined the phase, "The Golden Years" of Judo and so they were!  Thanks, Hayward for your life long friendship and I'll never forget "OUR" Nage No Kata at the Opening Ceremonies of the 1963  All Japan Championships.  Two "kids" selected to open the grand tournament!  What an honor.

I met George Harris and Ben Campbell in Tampa, Florida in 1960 at the National Championships.  They won their divisions and I was amazed at their skill and courage.  They spoke to me then when I was 18.  They took the time to talk to me!
They too were my inspiration, my friends, and my 1964 Olympic Team mates.  Paul Maruyama was our fourth member and I met him at the Kodokan and he inspired me to keep going by his example of determination.  He never stopped and neither did any of us!

We were all Kenshusei Students (Kodokan Special Research Students) and I believe we made our Sensei proud.  I never fully understood the Kenshusei concept but I did know we got very "special attention".  Sometimes, not necessarily wanted, mind you.

It is a tribute to the perseverance, patience, and dedication required to become a martial arts expert.  Jon, you have been an inspiration to me since I was 18 years old and first met you at the Kodokan.  Bill, we started Judo at the Washington Judo Club in the Pentagon.  I was perhaps 13 years old.  Without Jon, Bill, Hayward and Syd and many others, I would have never survived the training.  I would never have become a "wazashi"!  I would never have had the understanding, stamina, courage and determination to become a Federal Senior Executive and Corporate President.

Amazingly, I can still do a little judo!(-:  I'm retired from the Senior Executive Service and the Corporate environment.

George Harris would tell me often, "Jim, we never, never, ever give up!  WE may give out, but never give up."  I owe my life to mentors like Jon, Bill, Syd, Ben Campbell and George Harris, Paul Hayward and I can never ever thank them enough for being my friends and fellow martial artists.  A very special remembrance to Donn Draeger, our friend, and mentor and to Ishikawa Sensei.  I miss them. 

Hope to see you all soon
Peace and Good Health!

Official Councel for the IBK in Russia

The Official Councel for the IBK in Russia is as follows.
Sergey Badyuk 8th Dan and Yury Fedorishen 8th Dan being Honorary Kancho,s.
Alexander Nesterenko 8th Dan is Russian Kancho.
So decided at the last meeting in June 2011 in Moscou under Chairman Kaicho Jon Bluming 10th Dan.
The appointed Dai Shihans remain in that councel.
Their will be no more Dai Shihans without the aproval of the Councel.
Also Siberia will have two Dai Shihans Ivan Bychkof 5the Dan of  Thomsk and Ratskewychus Arunas 5th Dan of Novosibirsk.
Also later their will be appointed two permanent members to that Councel.
The official website of the Russian IBK will be ONLY
The dojos are under the announcement and can be contacted by their e mail.

Osu, Kaicho Bluming


Kaicho recognized with the 10th Dan Hapkido

Kaicho recognized and honered in South-Korea presented with 10th Dan in Hapkido 

It is with great pleasure to announce that our Kaicho (Grand Master) Jon Bluming was presented his 10th Dan in Korean Hapkido, by the South-Korean MMA Federation, in South-Korea, 2010. 
The presentation was made at a meeting of the Korean Veterans Federation of the Korean War (1950 - 1953).

Kaicho Jon Bluming was awarded his 10th Dan in Kyokushin Karate in Japan, 1994.
Following is what Kaicho wrote in a letter sent to the IBK Dai Shihans and Board Members:

PS. I just received my 10th Dan from the South-Korean MMA fed of the Hapkido; they told me so in June last year when I was invited by the Korean Veterans Federation of the Korean war of 1950 - 1953.

So now your Kaicho has this honor from Japan 1994 and Korea 2010.

A big congratulation’s to our IBK Kaicho.  We are proud to have such a proven warrior as our founder and leader. We wish Kaicho long life and good health.

Don Saint

Secretary, 7th Dan



Earlier times

A few years back Matulessy Shihan and I went to visit Kurosaki Sensei 10th Dan.
The foto,s where lost but we found them again so here they are.
Meeting with Sensei at his HQ in Tokyo.
Signing IBK certificates for DAN.
Pissed off, Hell NO had a good time with Sensei.
Toshio Fujiwara the famous WC Kickboxing of the Kurosaki Dojo Richt Robert Matulessy 7th dan partying in Tokyo.


Stage Singapore

Just a quick note of thanks again for taking some time out of your vacation to honor us with your experience and skill. The lads are keen on keeping that momentum going; two have already shown an interest in training hard for grading later in the year. We are already discussing options for competitions.
Please let me know how much I owe you for the books, badges, etc. and I will remit the funds to you immediately (please give me the account details again, as I have misplaced them).
As far as my own grading goes, please also let me know when/if that is approved and let me know the fee so that I can remit those funds as well.

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