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    Polish cup 2018

    Invitation for 17 IBK Wintercamp 2019

    This is my wish that the IBK will stay as one global organis

    Nieuwe instructeurs weerbaarheid en selfdefence Tsunami

    Verjaardag training Kaicho 85 jaar

    All Kyokushin Karate worldtournament world games of world or

    IBK Kyokushin CUP zaterdag 2 april 2016

    Bluming cup All Round Full contact MMA Retzef 28 mei 2016

    Verjaardag training Kaicho Jon Bluming

    Jon Bluming promoveert de Karateka’s Jan de Bruin en Bert Ru

    Regional Open to All Tournaments Calendar 2016

    Kyokushin Budokai stage 5 decembre 2015

    Kyokushin Budoka modern hybrid Martial Art 19 decembre 2015

    All Kyokushin Karate World Tournament for Children

    Winter camp 2016 Croatia

    Invitation World cup 2015 Spain

    Chris Dolman now officially 10th dan All Round Fighting

    Chris Dolman 10th Dan Kyokushin Budokai All Round Fighting

    Nomination to Kancho IBK for Kyokushin Hanshi Jan de Bruin

    Kaicho professor emeritus

    Message from Marc Howes

    Jon Bluming Europe and World Board

    Kyokushin Budokai grading system


    Letter to Kaicho from Marc Howes, Scotland

    Kaicho technical advisor AJJIF

    mail from Jimmy Bregman 9th dan IBK and USA Judo Association

    Official Councel for the IBK in Russia

    Kaicho recognized with the 10th Dan Hapkido

    Earlier times

    Stage Singapore

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