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Worldwide structure of the IBK

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As we move into 2019, it is time to start putting in place the structure of the IBK. One of the most important areas that needs to be made clear is what part of the IBK you should be in. If your sparring and training consists of upright strikes, throws, take-downs and groundwork, then you practise Kyokushin Budokai All-Round Fighting (KBARF). If your sparring and training is predominately upright, then you practise Kyokushin Full Contact Karate (KFCK). It appears that some are stating they are practising KBARF, but their techniques, sparring and gradings show they do not, therefore they should be in the KFCK section of the IBK. This will be sorted as a priority. Eventually, in countries where both systems are present, there will be both a KFCK Dai Shihan and KBARF Dai Shihan.

You must come to decision as to what you want to practise and then send a request to the Kancho of either KFCK (Jan de Bruin) or KBARF (Eric Van Vaerenbergh). If you do not reply within 1 month, then you will be removed from the official IBK website.

We will be updating the black belt list, this will be done by proof of an authentic certificate from Kaicho. As of 15th January 2019 (15/01/19) ALL new black belt graduations and certificates will only be granted by the approval of either the KFCK or KBARF Kancho. If this is not the case, the graduate will not be placed on the official IBK black belt list.

Please keep checking the IBK website for updates.


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