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This is my wish that the IBK will stay as one global organisation

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To whom it may concern:

Many of you are aware of my health problems. Recently it has declined to the point that I felt it necessary to put together a Board for the Kyokushin Budokai All Round Fighting. This Board will take on all the required work to promote the interests of the IBK with its Budo traditions.

This is my wish that the IBK will stay as one global organisation, but with two distinct components, which will work together.

These components are:

- Kyokushin Full Contact Karate
- Kyokushin Budokai All-Round Fighting

The IBK Board members have been personally selected by me.
The Kyokushin Full Contact Karate section is represented by Kancho Jan de Bruin.
The Kyokushin Budokai All-Round Fighting section is represented by 
Kancho Eric Van Vaerenbergh, Hanshi Tom Madsen and Hanshi Marc Howes.

Any questions should be directed to the appointed members of the IBK Boards.
Or if important you can contact me.

Bear hugs,
Kaicho Jon Bluming