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Instructor course combat skills in Serbia

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Dear Shihan’s and practitioners,

Gladly with proud we want to introduce you with our newest and best instructor courseTo become an krav maga /combat skills instructor.
The course is there for everyone who wants to upgrade their skills for their work in security, bodyguard, or civilian

For several gyms/schools there is a possibility to become the head instructor of their countryTo start up The organisation and to make it big.
For outside countries we ask no fees for being member of our organisation RetZef Sport & ProtectWe ask only a year to organize a nice seminar with enough attendance where we can meet and learn.
If you have any question about this course let me know asap.We go till 14 attendance only for this course because there is also shooting involved.

Information:Combat Skills Course (Instructor Course first level) Highly qualified instructor's former Russian Special Forces antiterrorism unit, more than 18 year experience in Krav maga and more.Join Us!

Train with The Best! Be the Best!

Date: 25th-30th March Place: Belgrade SerbiaPrice:1795,- euro Price included accommodation in Hotel, 3 meals per day, transfer from/to Belgrade airport, training combat skills, weapon, ammunition, certification, access to the gym, laundry, etc...

For further information contact Us:E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
: (+31) 614635341


Kaicho Jon Bluming died yesterday evening

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Amsterdam 18 december 2018,

I just have received the message that last night my dear friend and Kaicho of the International Budokai Kan the man who brought Karate to Europe and who has spread it, after a longe illness died yesterday evening . 

It was an honor to be his friend and his student in All Round Karate and I am happy to work close with him for many years. 
My thoughts go out to his wife and children and want to condole them in this way!

Vanmorgen bereikte mij het bericht, dat gisteravond om 22:15 uur mijn goede vriend, onze Kaicho van de Internatinal Budokai Kan de man die het Kyokushin Karate naar Europa heeft gebracht en heeft verbreidt na een langdurig ziekbed is overleden.

Het was een eer om zijn vriend en zijn All Round Karateleerling te zijn en met hem te zeer nauw te mogen samenwerken.

Mijn gedachten gaan uit naar zijn vrouw en kinderen en wil hen langs deze weg condoleren!

Hanshi Bert Ruhe

                                                                                                    Jon Bluming 1933-2018


This is my wish that the IBK will stay as one global organisation

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To whom it may concern:

Many of you are aware of my health problems. Recently it has declined to the point that I felt it necessary to put together a Board for the Kyokushin Budokai All Round Fighting. This Board will take on all the required work to promote the interests of the IBK with its Budo traditions.

This is my wish that the IBK will stay as one global organisation, 

but with two distinct components, which will work together.

These components are:
Kyokushin Full Contact Karate and
Kyokushin Budokai All-Round Fighting

The IBK Board members have been personally selected by me.
The Kyokushin Full Contact Karate section is represented by Kancho Jan de Bruin.
Kyokushin Budokai All-Round Fighting section is represented by 
Kancho Eric Van Vaerenbergh, Hanshi Tom Madsen and Hanshi Marc Howes.

Any questions should be directed to the appointed members of the IBK Boards.
Or if important you can contact me.

Bear hugs,
Kaicho Jon Bluming

Invitation for 17 IBK Wintercamp 2019

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Dear friends.

Here is invitation for 17 IBK Wintercamp. 
please forward to whom are concern see you.

For info, look at the attachments below the message.

Respect and regards


Mladen Sancic 
Dai Shihan IBK Croatia




Nieuwe instructeurs weerbaarheid en selfdefence Tsunami

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Budokai Tsunami is weer een aantal instructeurs in de weerbaarheid en zelfverdediging rijker.

De vier geslaagden voor licentie A zijn:Kees Donker, Sander Cannoo, Bob Hogendoorn en Matthew van Montfoortz.

De vier geslaagden voor licentie B zijn: Diana Leensvaart, Edwin Leensvaart, Paul Noordzij en Jan Baan  Hofman.

De Budokai Tsunami, geeft al jaren op zeer verantwoordelijke manier les in deze sporten in de Alblasserwaard...

Iedereen hartelijk gefeliciteerd...

Jan de Bruin Kancho


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