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Kaicho Jon Bluming died yesterday evening

I just have received the message that last night my dear friend and Kaicho of the International Budokai Kan the man who brought Karate to Europe and who has spread it, after a longe illness died yesterday evening . 

It was an honor to be his friend and his student in All Round Karate and I am happy to work close with him for many years. 
My thoughts go out to his wife and children and want to condole them in this way!

Vanmorgen bereikte mij het bericht, dat gisteravond om 22:15 uur mijn goede vriend, onze Kaicho van de Internatinal Budokai Kan de man die het Kyokushin Karate naar Europa heeft gebracht en heeft verbreidt na een langdurig ziekbed is overleden.

Het was een eer om zijn vriend en zijn All Round Karateleerling te zijn en met hem te zeer nauw te mogen samenwerken.

Mijn gedachten gaan uit naar zijn vrouw en kinderen en wil hen langs deze weg condoleren!

Hanshi Bert Ruhe

                                                                                                    Jon Bluming 1933-2018


Kaicho Jon Bluming founder IBK

Kaicho Jon Bluming founder IBK

Information about the Kyokushin Budokai and I.B.K:

The Kyokushin Budokai is founded in 1980 by Jon Bluming Kaicho. On this moment there are several Dojo's in the following countries: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Curacao, Israel, Norway, America, Puerto Rico, Croatie and Russia. There are only two sections within the Kyokushin Budokai.

Traditional Kyokushin Karate:

This "Strongest Karate in the World" combines the traditional Kihon and Kata, and has the explosive and dynamic "knockdown" competition rules. This fighting system has its origin in the Kyokushin Honbu Dojo in Tokyo, Japan and is founded by Mas Oyama. All prominent Shihans from this organisation are commended for their extensive knowledge of Kyokushin.

Kyokushin Budokai full Contact All Round Fighting Karate and Free Fight:

Kaicho Bluming set up this style in 1980. After many years of training Kyokushin Karate and Judo, he was of the opinion that combining the two styles would result in a more effective form and realistic form of All Round Fighting Karate. That he was right is evident from the many competition styles that arose, such as the Dai Do Juku, Free Fight and Pancrase wich the Budokai Kan members have won many times.


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Jon Bluming Kaicho, International Kyokushin Budokai.

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